It’s been a while since the last update so apologies. Training has been continuing despite the sapping heat and humidity. A couple of 16-20 milers have been done with no real problems. Zinc oxide tape has been swapped for moleskin which seems to work better but some more experimentation is required.

Fundraising continues and I received a very generous donation of £106 from the Light Blue Freemasons of the Northeast Area of Hampshire following a lecture I was invited to deliver for them. We’re £90 short of the £2000 barrier so we should break that before we set off for France 3 weeks today!

I invented some more swear words when stitching some patches on to the top of my rucksack. They aren’t going anywhere but the stitching looks like it’s been done by a drunk blind man! Still, I’m pleased with the result and hopefully they’ll spark some conversations as we’re pounding across The Somme and Flanders.

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