A planned 10-12 mile training walk turned into a hot and sweaty 19.2 miles. Google maps indicated a track which turned out to be barricaded with loads of ‘No Entry’ and ‘No right of way’ signs which necessitated a diversion.

The first 5 or so miles were in the woods where I thought it would be cooler. Wrong! It was very humid in the trees so the sweat was pouring off me.

The diversion meant lots of tarmac but it’s all good training. Day 3 of the walk is mainly tarmac too so it’s good conditioning.

I arrived at a local hostelry looking like a drowned rat! Good job it wasn’t very busy as I’m sure you could smell me from 10ft. Boots off for half an hour to cool the feet and a refreshing pint which really hit the spot.

This was the first >15 mile walk since I did the Shipwrights Way back in April. All good, apart from the heat and humidity. Conditions in France and Belgium in October are much more suitable to walking, if anything it can be a bit cold but better that than sweating profusely.

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