An 04:37 fire alarm was a rude awakening. No chance of getting back to sleep after that. 07:30 saw us at the German cemetery at Neuville St. Vaast, the moon still high in the sky.  The cemetery contains over 44,000 burials, with many graves containing 2, 3, or 4 soldiers.

A short stroll took us to the La Targette Memorial, a French cemetery with over 11,000 burials.

A 10k hike, including a steep hill, saw us at Mont-St-Eloi and the ruined towers, not ruined during the war!

From there a gruelling 14km hike, including a very steep hill took us to the French National Cemetery at Notre Dame De Lorette.   This cemetery contains 39,985 burials, of which 19,998 are from WW1  A quick lunch and we were off again.

From there an easy (!) 8 miles to Vimy Ridge for the finale of day 2.  The Canadian memorial commemorates 60,000 who gave their lives in France, plus the names of 11,000 Canadians who have no known grave.

Day 2 was a further 23 odd miles, at a slower pace than yesterday. Tomorrow is the final day, an easy 18 miles from Langemarck to Ypres.

Still feeling good, no blisters, but the soles of our feet are taking a pounding. The pain may, or may not, be eased by a couple of pints!

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