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Hot n sweaty 19 miler

A planned 10-12 mile training walk turned into a hot and sweaty 19.2 miles. Google maps indicated a track which turned out to be barricaded with loads of ‘No Entry’ and ‘No right of way’ signs which necessitated a diversion. The first 5 or so miles were in the woods where I thought it would …


76 days to go!

It’s only 76 days until the first day of the trek. Fundraising continues to creep up and we’ve hit £1600 so thankyou to all our supporters so far. Training is continuing despite the heat, it’s all about conditioning the body to cope with spending 8-10 hours on your feet as well as being able to …


New insoles!

A couple of years ago I replaced my insoles with Granger’s G20s. These gave me better support for my high arches as well as better support for the heel and some much needed cushioning. They’ve lasted pretty well to be honest but after a 56 mile walk over the last weekend I noticed my heels …