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Little update

On this, the 103rd anniversary of ‘The Somme’ a little update is probably appropriate. Training continues apace, Ceri managing a circuit of Carsington Water on a very hot day and Guy bashing hell out of the military training grounds surrounding Hawley Lake. Fundraising continues to creep up slowly and we’ve hit £1567.50. Just under £1000 …


New insoles!

A couple of years ago I replaced my insoles with Granger’s G20s. These gave me better support for my high arches as well as better support for the heel and some much needed cushioning. They’ve lasted pretty well to be honest but after a 56 mile walk over the last weekend I noticed my heels …


Generous donations

Following a lecture I did to one of my Masonic units, several members made very generous private donations to support my fundraising. People’s generosity always amazes me, it’s not the amount, it’s the selfless act of donating and supporting a charity. Every little helps and it will all go towards good causes. Read how ABF …


£250 donation

On 7th March I delivered my talk on the 2017 Frontline Walk to Border Conclave No.168 of the Red Cross of Constantine. The talk seemed to be well received, so much so that the Conclave donated £250 to my 2019 walk. The Conclave has my grateful thanks for their support of a worthy charity. Guy


The routes

I use endomondo on my phone to track pace, mileage and route.  This links with a great app called relive – the results of which you can see below.  Ignore the timings, I didn’t pause the app when we stopped for tea breaks and lunch. Day one   Day two   Day three …