We’re on the downward slope in terms of training now. With 2 weeks to go until we leave for France the focus now is on reducing injury risk, maintaining foot care and prepping kit.

Our long training walks have been completed, we’re now just doing walks of between 4-6 miles just to keep moving and to maintain fitness levels. Supplies of zinc oxide tape and flexitol foot cream have been sorted out, as have all the items on the long med-kit list the charity insist we have.

Boots have been proofed and re-proofed. We both use boots that are a predominantly nubuck suede rather than full grain leather so the usual waxes won’t work. I came across a specific product for fabric boots from Granger’s called Footwear Repel so thought I’d give it a go. It’s applied to damp boots then left to dry.

I’m impressed to say the least, once dried, water just beads off the boots. It also doesn’t affect any goretex layers. How long it will last once you’ve been walking through long grass remains to be seen but any protection is better than none. It’s also so easy to apply that it can be re-applied each night if necessary.

Fundraising continues until December and any amount, however small, is gratefully received.

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