Photos courtesy of other walkers and the charity.

Another early start and we arrived at the German cemetery of Neuville St. Vaast where over 40,000 comrades are buried. We started walking before dawn so head torches were the order of the moment.

Our first stint was a fairly easy 6 miles or so to the ruined abbey of Mont St. Eloi. It wasn’t ruined during the war, it was actually destroyed under Napoleon but the remaining towers provided a perfect lookout for the French troops, giving them clear views across to Vimy Ridge and the town of Arras.

After a tea break in the cold wind we set off for the long hard slog to Notre Dame de Lorette. Nearly 10 miles across some hard terrain with a brief stop at Villiers Station cemetery before hitting the short but steep hills to get to the top of the ridge. Thankfully the lunch stop was at the top so a chance to rest the feet and replenish the energy.

Before leaving we took the opportunity to look at the Ring of Remembrance which commemorates every man who fell in the region regardless of nationality – over 500,000 names.

We were then on the homeward straight, a fairly easy 7 miles or so to Vimy Ridge and the magnificent memorial to Canada’s missing.

We finished a hard day, another 23 miles, with a group photo shoot on the steps of the Vimy Memorial.

We may have partaken of a couple of well deserved pints that night, given we’d walked around 45/46 miles over the last 2 days we felt we deserved it.

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